West Africa Mission Trip-Senegal



說「莫名」一點都不為過,也許甚至是「盲目」。從小收看了很多Discovery Channel對於非洲很可憐的報導,及十多年來參與在各個基督徒機構認養資助非洲兒童計畫等等。雖然我也不知道那些錢到底有沒有幫助到我刻意挑選和我同月同日生的那些孩子們,反正我就莫名、盲目地相信了。開始的時候連耶穌是誰都不知道,但知道了之後我慢慢理解到或許這一切的開始都不是莫名的,而我所以為的盲目或許事實上是有神的帶領。

India Mission Trip-The Right Thing

One night, we’re shopping for ministry materials with our Indian leader, S. We leave the marketplace and go look for a taxi to head home.  We start walking down the street.  The three of us - Jack, Rob and I - are behind the leader, who is ahead of us by a little bit.  It’s a busy night, with lots of pedestrians, lots of motorcycles, lots of animals because it’s India.  Suddenly, S. stops and makes a 180-degree turn.  He has a concerned look.  He walks right past us in the opposite direction, saying something about “Sorry but I need to go take care of something…


長期生活在北美這個極具豐富物質條件和完善平等自由制度的社會,我似乎覺得身邊一切都是那麽的理所當然,因此庸庸碌碌的生活。當前幾年看到Impact的短宣隊到非洲和印度經歷各種神蹟奇事,心裏就萌發了「去世界的另外一端這個古老的國家 – 印度,看看上帝是如何在那裏彰顯」的念頭...

India Trip-What I received from my India

I embarked on a trip to India in Nov15-23 2014 with Jack.
There were several reasons that led me to going.  I've never traveled to India or Southeast Asia before.  I hadn't traveled outside of USA and Taiwan for several years and was curious how different a country that has the 2nd largest population in the world and produce so many talented engineers and computer programmers would compare with the states.  I've heard of sign and miracles that happen on these trips as well and was curious if I would have the opportunity to witness some of these events.  Pastor Jack had texted me a few months before the trip that he saw God using me for something in the near future so that could have been a sign.